It was a Wed night, a normal go to the gym (Planet Fitness) night. I had just done two sets of bench presses and changed the weight amount down to 70 from 85. Then started again when pop, pop, pop in my chest. Very sharp pain, and the first thing that came to my mind was a friend who had recently had a stroke, and I immediately said, “I rebuke that in the name of Jesus!”
Then I sat there for about 3 mins got up and went into the dressing room, got my jacket and headed home. Not thinking of course that oh by the way I am probably bleeding internally at that point and had no clue I was! And instead of driving home should be driving to the hospital. So then once I got home I made sure the front door was open, since our daughter and her boyfriend were coming over to drop off a vehicle to have here once back from Wyoming.
What a blessing it was for me they were coming over cause by then I was becoming incoherent. I would have still been there on the flood dead if it wasn’t for God’s wonderful grace! Thankfully they ended up calling the ambulance and off I went to the Emergency Department. I was pretty much out it not making any sense by then. But once in the Operating Room, I believe the Holy Spirit helped me gather every one around to pray. I do recall saying through this whole ordeal. “By His Stripes I am healed”.
Continuously! Over and over again. Believing it totally!
Then off I went for the operation.
The next I knew I was in post op in a room. The operation was fairly long and tedious 8 hours long. I have been told by a nurse who used to work in ICU where I was that I was or am a part of a small group (2 %) of people who this happens to and live to talk about it. Glory to God!!!!!!!!! I truly believe only God can make miracles happen, and I believe my words are a Testimony of that happening to me! Thank you Father God!
I am grateful for every doctor and nurse that had a part in taking care of me, for I feel God worked with their hands to orchestrate the whole thing to my betterment.
I am currently recovering and gaining stamina each day in my last couple of weeks before going back to work on the 28th of March. I am nothing without Him. Thank you Jesus! 
– Lynn, February 2022 
On Sunday November 15th, during corporate prayer, I received my miracle healing and God took away my headaches and migraines!
That Sunday I woke up with a migraine and struggled to get my day started. I felt like I was under a never ending constant attack. I had been really questioning my faith in this area and asking God to help me.
During worship service I realized the pain was gone and I thanked God for the relief. I had no idea Pastor Amy was going to teach on healing, but it seemed like the prior teachings from Pastor Shaun combined with the message that day, which included the testimony of a woman healed, sparked something in me. God was speaking to me through it all…
We are not saved by works but by faith. Healing is part of the redemptive work and it is the goodness and mercy of God that brings our healing – not our good works. Getting results by works is illegal, but standing on our covenant rights is legal.
God showed me I could get a measure of pain relief from my works (like changing my diet, drinking more water, etc) but that true healing was provided from Him and I had to use my faith to receive it. I needed to humble myself and let go of pride in my works.
During that service, God also brought to my attention many things, almost as a flash, including thoughts of feeling unworthy to receive healing, and feeling that I somehow deserve to suffer. Those thoughts do not line up with His Word and I believe they were stopping my faith.
At the end of service, Pastor Amy told us to place a hand on the area of our body that needed healing. I put my hand on the back of my head and Dan placed his hand on my neck. As she prayed over everyone, I asked God to forgive me and I thanked Him for healing me and I received it.
After service I mentioned to a friend how my day started and how I’d been struggling with this issue and how thankful I was for the service and believing in God for my healing. She offered to pray for me and did right then and I felt like God was saying “Yes, you are worthy and I’m sealing the deal today right now. You are healed – it’s a done deal!”
I had suffered from headaches and migraines since I was a little girl and now I’ve been free for over a month and a half. I have been free since worship that Sunday morning. That first day as I kept thanking God, He brought to mind – whom the Son sets free is free indeed.
I had started taking some sinus and allergy medicine in the summer to get some relief, but Monday morning I looked at that bottle and threw it away. I thanked God and declared whom the Son set free is free indeed. I haven’t even taken a Tylenol or Advil. If any pressure even starts to attack me I refuse to accept it and just continue to thank God and declare John 8:36.
As a bonus, my sinus pain is almost gone and my vision has improved. These all were in my top 5 goals for 2020. God also broke some chains and healed me from some emotional issues.
Praise God! He is Good and I’m so thankful for that Sunday service, my HPC family, Pastors Shaun & Amy for all your faithfulness, teaching and continual prayers.
Always exciting to see how God is going to move next!
-Anonymous, December 2020
“I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer some time ago… 
Pastor’s Shaun & Amy have been praying over me and for me the last few months…
I had a doctor appointment today and all my labs are totally perfect! My pancreas is functioning totally normal, my liver, everything! The Doctors are just amazed at what is happening in me.
I wanted to give praise to God for His healing!”
-Anonymous, June 2018