Pastors Shaun & Amy Gustafson

Senior Pastors

Shaun and Amy are Senior Pastors and founders of High Point Church in Rochester, MN. In March of 2009, they launched with this mandate: make the backbone of this ministry reaching people for Christ. They have a passion for encouraging others to live with intentionality in God’s purpose and plan for their life and relationships.

There is great joy in learning to embrace God’s wisdom and grace for every stage of life. Whether you are in the place of preparation, life-passion, or imparting to others, Shaun and Amy desire to share insights from God’s Word that will help you not just endure, but enjoy the journey.

Liah Monat

Administrative Assistant
Liah has been High Point’s behind-the-scenes expert since 2014, covering every need from event planning and media management to greeting at the front door. If you could pack an entire party into one personality, organization and atmosphere, you would get Liah. You can find her everywhere at once, meeting new people and making sure each service runs smoothly.

Catherine Lexvold

Worship Director
Catherine is a musician and songwriter with a heart for worship. Since 2016, she has been overseeing our worship team, leading weekly worship, auditioning new members, and hosting workshops for current members. On and off stage, you will find her unabashedly declaring the goodness and glory of God.