simple keys to help you win in marriage

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Life often feels so overloaded that it’s hard to find time to connect. How can you find space in this fast-paced world to actually enjoy your relationship?
No one has all the answers, but we do know this. There are some simple things you can do to win at your relationship and refresh the dry places. Shaun and Amy Gustafson share humorous stories and encouragement from their journey as marriage mentors and pastors to help you build a stronger bond with the love of your life while keeping God at your center.

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A Single’s Guide to Finding the Right One


Do you want to find the right one to marry and have your feelings reciprocated?

This books will help answer four questions for singles aspiring to be married:
1. Why haven’t I met the right one yet?
2. Is there something I’m doing wrong?
3. How will I know?
4. I think I’ve found the right one. What should I ask before marriage?
Those who read and apply this book will also receive answers to:
-Knowing how to attract the right one.
-Knowing how to minimize or eliminated wasted time in wrong relationships.
-Knowing how to discern those who have potential.
-Knowing how to prepare for a lasting marriage.

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Shaun and Amy Gustafson

desire to help singles successfully chart the waters of pre-marriage and find the right one. At the point this books is written, the Gustafson’s have been happily married for twenty years. Shaun and Amy are authors, speakers and Senior Pastors of High Point Church in Rochester, MN. They have three wonderful children and one very energetic dog!


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