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Reaching people, changing lives. 


To encourage, equip and empower people to live a victorious life of love and faith through Jesus!


The church we see is a living testimony of Jesus Christ. It offers hope to the hopeless, peace to the restless, and love to the isolated.  We see a church that is not tucked away but is at the forefront of spiritual revival, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and unashamedly declaring the message of Jesus Christ from the high point of the city.

The church we see is a warm and authentic community, arms extended in genuine love to all. It grows people closer together while valuing what makes them unique. The church we see is powerful and contagious, illuminating and affecting the spiritual climate of the city with its unmistakable light.

The church we see is a spiritual family, diverse in culture, age, and background but united in vision and purpose. It is never comfortable with settling down. It celebrates past triumphs while continuing to multiply God’s Kingdom. We see a church full of gratitude for what God has done and faith that He will continue to fulfill His promises. It is going, growing, and giving in impactful ways.

The church we see is changing the world.