Pastors Shaun & Amy Gustafson

Senior Pastors and authors

Shaun and Amy are Senior Pastors and founders of High Point Church in Rochester, MN. In March of 2009, they launched with this mandate: make the backbone of this ministry reaching people and changing lives for Christ. They have a passion for encouraging others to live with intentionality in God’s purpose while nurturing godly relationships.

Whether you are in the place of preparation, living out your God-given passion, or imparting wisdom to others, Shaun & Amy desire to share insights from God’s Word that will help you not just endure but enjoy the journey. Shaun & Amy have been married for over 25 years, have 3 beautiful children and a dog named Sadie. 
Favorite Ice Cream flavor: 
Pastor Shaun: “Mint Chip. It’s so refreshing”
Pastor Amy: “Coconut from Flapdoodles”


Kathryn Broadwater

Ministries Coordinator
Kathryn is the embodiment of the JOY for which High Point is known! Since 2019, Kathryn has been spreading that joy through her leadership in High Point Kids, High Point Youth, and our Women’s Ministry. For all of the time she devotes to her roles, she will still be one of the first to greet you on your way in and pray for you on your way out. Kathryn is married to Taylor, they have 3 beautiful children and 2 dogs, Bitsy and Evie.
Favorite Ice Cream flavor: “Can I say two? Butter Pecan & Malted Chocolate from Flapdoodles” 


Courtney Gustafson

HP Kids Coordinator
Courtney has been with High Point from the very beginning, born & raised in the household of faith. From a young age, she has been passionate about raising up the next generation and making learning about Jesus FUN! Courtney will graduate from Winona State University in May with a degree in Elementary Education. On Sunday morning, you can find Courtney sporting bright colors (which are dim in comparison to her sunny personality), sharing the love of Jesus in HP Kids and making others smile! 
Favorite Ice Cream flavor: “Plain vanilla and anything fruit flavored”

Drew Medin

Podcast Producer
HP Youth Coordinator
Worship Leader
Drew is a beloved leader in the High Point community, known for his creativity, humor, friendliness, and passion for worship and youth. He has been on the worship team since 2010, and recently accepted new roles in youth ministry & podcast producing. Drew is a Winona state University graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Liberal Arts, which he has applied to over a decade of teaching, composing, producing, and touring various styles of music. When Drew is not working, he is most likely spending time with his beautiful wife Hanna and their adorable dog Dora. 
Favorite Ice Cream flavor: “Choosing my favorite flavor is like asking me to chose my favorite family member… Zanzibar Chocolate from Flapdoodles is a good one.”

Hanna Medin

Communications Specialist
HP Youth Coordinator
Worship Leader
Hanna’s passion for God’s presence has been evident since she joined the worship team in 2011. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication at Winona State University, and served in leadership at her college ministry. Hanna & Drew also met at WSU. Since then, she has branched into a multitude of ministries, including leading Bible studies, teaching youth, and directing church communications. Never have you met someone so true to their inner child as Hanna. When she’s not singing worship on stage, she’s probably singing with High Point Youth. She is the same behind the scenes as behind the screens – creative, compassionate, and full of life. Whether it’s over a bowl of gummy bears or a cup of coffee, when you talk to Hanna, you will feel God’s overwhelming love
Favorite Ice Cream flavor: “Definitely, Salted Caramel”

Liah Monat

Executive Assistant
Event Planner
Liah found her “second home” at High Point in 2010 and has been High Point’s behind-the-scenes expert since 2014, covering every need from event planning and media management to greeting at the front door. If you could pack an entire party into one personality, organization and atmosphere, you would get Liah. She is passionate about sharing God’s love, faithfulness & joy. You can find her everywhere at once, meeting new people and making sure each service runs smoothly. When Liah isn’t working, she loves spending time outside with her amazing husband Michael, their beautiful baby girl and their dog!
Favorite Ice Cream flavor: “Cookies ‘n Cream is my go to, but I’m known for wanting to try every kind if there are free samples.”


Aaron Potter

Media Specialist
Young Adults Leader 
Aaron is passionate about seeing people grow in God’s Word, leading them to be strong and secure in their identity in Christ, and showing them God’s heart of grace. Aaron earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business from Liberty University, and also attended Charis Bible College, where he met his wife, Julia. Aaron enjoys spending his days off outside, with his beautiful wife Julia, at the lake, sitting around a bonfire or biking. 
Favorite Ice Cream flavor: “Butter Pecan. Classic”


Rachel Waldner

Worship Leader
Rachel has a passion for leading others into God’s presence and has been doing so here at High Point since 2009! She earned her Music Pastor degree from North Central University in 2011 and has been teaching lessons to students of all ages since 2012. Rachel is incredibly creative and great with kids. On Sunday morning, when she’s not leading worship, you can find Rachel greeting, playing with kids or even making balloon animals. When Rachel isn’t working she enjoys game nights with friends, walks with her Cat & taking trips. 
Favorite Ice Cream flavor: “Anything with coffee in it!”